Teeth Whitening

A whiter and brighter smile can improve your confidence. Teeth whitening is one of the most straightforward methods of enhancing your smile. All of your teeth or just a particular dark one can be lightened.

Home Whitening

The whitening process is carried out using a special bleaching gel in thin vinyl trays that are custom made to fit your mouth. Home whitening takes around a month and it’s important to emphasise that results are permanent. It’s also a very cost effective way of improving appearance.

a picture of teeth whitening

Before & Afters

resin restorations before photoresin restorations after photo

A good result achieved with Dental White Beauty whitening treatment home kit, supervision,  and subsequent cosmetic composite resin restorations to achieve a very pleasing result.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Gavin Quigley.

teeth whitening pic before treatmentteeth whitening pic after treatment

A great example of an interim stage of whitening, concentrating on the upper teeth initially until there is an obvious improvement, and then whitening the lower teeth to achieve an excellent result.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Gavin Quigley.

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