“My thoughts on the team are that they’re great, I enjoy coming here, such as people would enjoy coming to the dentist. I’ve always had good experiences so far, so absolutely no complaints and positive things to say at the moment.”

Simon Patient @ Cheriton Dental

“After I first saw my smile, I was delighted, really delighted, because it’s made such a difference. I’m not worried about the crown falling out for any particular reason now, the implant is good.”

Lynn Patient @ Cheriton Dental

“As soon as I walked in the door, their calm, professional attitude made me realise that this would be the practice for me, particularly so because my wife is very nervous of dentists and she needed one as well, so we’re both here now.”

Jonathan Patient @ Cheriton Dental

“I would definitely recommend this practice to others, and in fact, I have, because I feel that the dentists were very experienced, which is the number one most important thing I look for in a dentist. The location is great, there’s parking, the people that work here are all friendly, and they seem to be very efficient. So those are all good reasons to come here.”

Karen Patient @ Cheriton Dental

“First impressions? just professional, courteous, everybody seems really kind. Great, if you ever had anything done, somebody would call at the end of the treatment and make sure you’re okay. “

Lee Patient @ Cheriton Dental

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