Composite Bonding

Before And After Photos

resin restorations before photo
resin restorations after photo

A good result achieved with Dental White Beauty whitening treatment home kit, supervision,  and subsequent cosmetic composite resin restorations to achieve a very pleasing result.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Gavin Quigley.

Caroline Shahi B4
Caroline Shahi Af

Repair to worn incisal edges, material used was composite ,This work did not require tooth preparation.

Photographs courtesy of Robyn hughes.

Composite build-ups before photo
Composite build-ups after photo

This patient fractured her root-filled tooth and the tooth was restored with the aesthetic material composite and build up in layers with the aid of a pin for retention. Composite build-ups such as this can achieve excellent results and our patient was very happy to smile again!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Simon Edwards.

teeth whitening before photo
teeth whitening after photo

A really nice whitening result for this young lady. Finished off with composite bonding on her upper left second tooth which you can see how worn it was.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Gavin Quigley.

Composite bonding before photo
Composite bonding after photo

The patient had fractured his upper left first pre molar extensively. It has been restored with a material called Venus pearl composite . The patient will have an option to crown the tooth in the future. This patient was very pleased with the result.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Simon Edwards.