Welcome Cheriton Dental Practice is proud to be able to offer the highest standards of private cosmetic and general dentistry and is one of the few dental practice in Dorset to be awarded both the prestigious British Dental Association Good Practice Award and the Investors in People Accreditation. We are able to provide dental solutions from the very simple to most advanced cosmetic and restorative problems. We aim to educate our patients that with appropriate care and regular professional supervision dental disease is now preventable. "More prevention and less intervention". Our team of highly trained and professional staff will discuss your dental requirements confidentially and professionally, providing you with individual treatment plans outlining the treatment required and the exact costs involved.

Our team.

Gavin. Principal Dentist Started at Cheriton in 2008
Robyn. Principal Dentist Started the practice in 1989
Angela. Associate Dentist Has been at Cheriton since 2014
Carmen. Associate Dentist Started in 2015
Natalie. Associate Dentist Started in 2017
Gill. Practice Manager Been at Cheriton for 19 years
Bev. Nurse Longest serving member of staff, has been here for 26 years
Clare J. Nurse Has been with Cheriton for 24 years
Tracy. Nurse/Receptionist 2017 is her 20th year of being at Cheriton
Rachel. Receptionist Began working at Cheriton in 1996
Emma. Nurse/Receptionist Has been at Cheriton since 1999
Nik. Nurse/Receptionist Gavin’s nurse for 20 years
Dawn. Nurse/Receptionist Has worked at Cheriton for 15 years
Clare C. Nurse/Receptionist Working at the practice for 16 years
Gabie. Hygienist Started working for us in 2005
Kary. Nurse/Receptionist Has been here for 8 years
Julia. Hygienist Has been at Cheriton since 2008
Anna. Nurse/Receptionist Working at the practice for 8 years
Ann. Nurse/Receptionist Started with us 6 years ago
Lindy. Hygienist Has been working with us since 2014
Dora. Nurse/Receptionist Has been with Cheriton since 2012
Kayley. Hygienist Started November 2016
Naomi. Hygienist Has been with us for 3 years
Rebecca B. Nurse Started in 2016

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